Art Enriches Lives

Art Studio summer 2014The Richfield Art Studio, founded in 2008, is a celebrated educational studio that serves as a creative hub for artists youth through professionals.

Our art classes encourage the growth of new talent and skilled artisans to develop personal expression and to provide a sense of community among people interested in art, design, and crafts.  The Richfield Art Studio is a place to explore your creative potential and to develop new friends…it is a place to go beyond your present limitations.

Join us this year and see what new and exciting possibilities await you. Your participation will allow the educational aspect of the Richfield Art Studio and community enrichment to flourish.

IMG_1364Group PhotoRichfield Art Studio Bowl


three bowls

Clay Construction, ages 12 – 15

The Three Bowls is a conceptual sculpture inspired by American Philosopher, Sue Bender’s book Everyday Sacred. Each bowl represents a different mental state of mind and how we process personal experiences. This thoughtful approach to art making will  allow for friendly discussion and the sharing of life experience amongst the troop.

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Clay Sculpture, ages 5 – 7

The Family Couch, Artists will enjoy sculpting their mom & dad, brother & sister, and the family pet using soft slab construction. This project will remain a favorite for years to come.

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